Company History

Our company, International Trading and Engineers Equipment Enterprises,
was established by Muhammed Al-Refai in 1990 in Al Mahatta, Jordan. At first it started with a basic distribution strategy which ranged from wholesale and some Governmental tenders. From these small beginnings, Through perseverance and hard-work. The company was able to grow into its current state. Now it has 6 retail stores in Jordan along with 3 warehouses and its own hanger in Jordan free-zone.

Due to severe competition and market consolidation the company started the retail business and hence a new vision and mission was formed after company restructuring and modernization took place.

Now six well-equipped tire service centers are operated simultaneously. The company has invested in IT, Social Media, Tire Services and many other activities. For the reason that branding is the only way to grow and expand in such a stringent competitive atmosphere.

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